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Commission Information & Pricing

STATUS: Closed for commissions.

  • The Bass Lab is situated in the UK. If you are not, please bare shipping costs in mind!
  • I only accept custom orders from over 18’s. Proof of age is required.
  • Please be 100% sure you wish to order from me when applying, and of course prepared to pay the 30% deposit if chosen!
  • I will only agree to minor changes in design whilst creating your character. If I have already started something you wish to change, I will not be able to meet that request. Be sure about your design!
  • I am only working on, scary, creepy, crazy, gory and technically difficult heads. Electronics are more than welcomed. Features such as, horns, large teeth, strange anatomy, manes and lights are all things that tempt us! In short, I will not be making cute heads.
  • Please do not be offended if I do not wish to work on your design. As stated above, I am only looking to work on heads with specific features and aspects.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any application.

Terms and Conditions

PRICES: Use this form to estimate fursuit commission prices by Beauty of the Bass Creations.

My new prefered method of making paws is a combination of feral and anthro style which have 4 digits. The inside is lined for comfort, with the tops of the fingers padded for a realistic paw appearance. Included in the price of £150 is: Faux leather paw pads, standard resin claws, 4 stuffed digits.

All tails come with a zipper to remove stuffing with ease, incase you need to of course. The belt loops are lined with soft fleece to match the colour of your design.

Preliminary Quote

This is a simple guide price and actual price may vary.