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The Idea

The idea behind furtronix is that you can expand on your suits electrical system, start small and extend to your hearts content.
I'm kicking furtronix off with the cooling fan package, airflow.
In the future I will be providing LEDs and more!


Airflow Package - SAVE 22%

Airflow Package - SAVE 22%

This package contains 1 X Battery Pack 1 X Linkable 50mm Cooling Fan 1 X 30cm Link Ca..

£19.99 £25.94

Battery Pack

Battery Pack

This 4 x AA Battery pack is a must for any furtronix system, load this pack up with 4 good AA batter..


Link Cable (Power)

Link Cable (Power)

Use this link cable to connect for furtronix components together with ease!Constructed out of t..


Linkable 50mm Cooling Fan

Linkable 50mm Cooling Fan

One of the coolest products around, this 50mm (1.96") fan  spins at an incredible 470..


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Quick Intro

After much testing, analysis and a lot of late nights, I bring you my purpose built electronics system for fursuiters. Furtronix.


After testing tons of fans, from large to small, axial to turbine - taking in to account the size vs airflow, this 50mm fan stands out above all. 

The fan isn't too large so it can be installed in a reasonably sized head, and its not too small, thus still produces a impressive amount of airflow.


AA? 9V? D? AAA? LiPo? 

After a lot of research I went with 4 AA Batteries creating a low voltage system which holds its charge for a good amount of time and doesn't carry the risks that LiPo batteries have. 

Can you use rechargeable AAs?

I don't see why not, assuming they're not Lipo. Rechargeable AA Batteries tend to be quite stable and safe however we always recommend reading the manufacturers guidelines! 


All of my cables are braided for durability, each link cable is thermally fitted with a locking terminal so you can easily connect your components together without the worry of things disconnecting them selfs accidentally.