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Sink your teeth into these delightfully jaw dropping designs! Each boats an impressive vibrant colour pallet that’s guaranteed to get your mouth watering. Chews your badges carefully… you may end up being dinner!

This pack includes:

Bass Maw Galore

Gaze into this hypnotic gullet, does it all seem all too familiar? It should do… because it’s my Maw! This is precisely the last thing you see before becoming Bass chow!

Dragon Maw Galore

This ravenous reptilian can’t wait to meat you! Careful around this guy, he likes to chew his food…

Maw Tasty Galore

Seems like he has his eye on something tasty, shame you can’t see his eyes… because he might just be looking at you!

Maw Galore Neon

What a colourful set of chops! Best not to stand and stare for too long though… what are you still doing here? Run!

Maw Galore iBite

Some people are all bark and no bite. You? Naahhh… you Bite, HARD.

Maw Munchies Galore

What a squishy looking Maw, delightfully pink and drooly. Don’t let that deceive you though, this one isn’t all tongue and cheek!

ALL Original BOTB Artwork!

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ALL 6 Maw Galore Badges - SAVE 20%!

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