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Is the party animal in you clawing to get out? Express yourself with the party animal range and let these characters teach you how to party!

This pack includes:

Leathered Lion

Introducing the king of the Rave Cave, Leathered Lion! Not even my speakers can drown his mighty roar! Keep this guy around to feel like the true king at any party. Think you can keep to his pace?

Drunko Doggo

We all have that friend who’s had too much already, much like Drunko Doggo over here! Why not gift this fluffy Alaskan wuss to your friend who’s just as much of a light weight as them!

Reckless Raptor

The destructive one! Keep this guy tamed as he loves to create havoc!

Wrecked Raptor

Unlike his counter-party reckless raptor, wrecked raptor can barely keep on his feet! We all know someone like that, don’t we?

Tipsy Tiger

Release your inner beast with Tipsy tiger, if you think you can keep up. Tipsy tiger does anything but blend into his surroundings, armoured with his raver gear, he will surely help you stand out from the crowd.

All Original BOTB Artwork!

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ALL 5 Party Animal Badges - SAVE 20%!

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