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Presenting to you, the Tribe.

This pack includes:


Much like yin and yang. This tribe cannot exist without you. Purchase these badges and I promise they will bring you enjoyment and enlightenment. They are more than accessories; Each design is very special and varied in their symbolism…

Tiger Totem

The tiger totem brings you courage, her piercing gaze speaks without words, instils courage with silence and understanding.

The Foo Guardian

The Foo guardian, your protector. As told by scrolls of imperial China, these magnificent beasts come as a pair, bond with your imperial foo dog. Looking into it’s etched face markings… what do you see?

Tribal Hibiscus

Hibiscus, the Flowers of guidance, may they bring you tranquillity and oneness with the world. When was the last time you ventured out, and listened to what nature has to say?

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